Agile PLM

The following solutions developed in Agile PLM are available. The customers can leverage them for improving the productivity and performance of the systems.

  • Value added process extension on Product Collaboration (PC) module
  • To do sanity check of business rules before release of change objects
  • Managing specific default approvers in workflow
  • Process extension on Project Governance & Compliance (PG&C) module
  • To make it compatible with IPC 1752A standard as Agile is still with old 1752-1 & 1752-2 format
  • XML conversion utility to handle supplier declaration
  • REACH way of compliance rollup
  • Customer specific report on Product Portfolio Management (PPM) module
  • Process Extension for validating data, framing into proper XML/XSD and pushing it to SharePoint
  • Agile PLM- SAP Integration
  • The utility provides seamless integration between Agile PLM to SAP with validation, exception and alert mechanism