Business Model

Centum’s Business Model is Customer centric model with services and solutions capabilities coupled with Value proposition. The Centum Consultants have expertise on various technologies and across various services from Consulting, Implementation, and Development to Application Support. They also have domain experience, which will be an added advantage while working on various services.


  • Understand Customer requirements and develop the solution/services
  • Align solution/services to meet Business Objectives


  • High Performing Team with experience in different services
  • Expertise in Solution development to resolve Customer’s Business issues
  • Domain Expertise

Customer Value Proposition (CVP)

In addition to services, we believe in Customer Value Proposition (CVP) that offers benefits, which can be quantitative and/or qualitative and varies from Customer to Customer. The CVP includes the following:

  • Customer needs and expectations
  • Competitive advantage on price and quality of deliverables
  • Key Differentiators

Employee Value Proposition (EVP)

Along with CVP, we believe in value proposition to our Consultants, Employee Value Proposition (EVP); in return for their performance at our Organization. The EVP will define and identify unique people policies, processes and programs that demonstrate Centum’s commitment to employee growth, management development, ongoing employee recognition, community service, etc.

The EVP is inbuilt in our recruitment process and compensation offer to our Consultants, helps to attract and retain key talent, creates a strong people brand, helps re-engage a disenchanted workforce and reduces hire premiums.