Centum is focused on building High Performing Team, who are self driven, energetic with positive attitude to achieve the business goals & objectives. They are guided and supported by Leadership Team.
Some of the Characteristics that we look in you along with Technical skills are:

  1. Achieves Results: Consistently hits targets and objectives. Has produced results across a variety of situations including less than favorable conditions. Has demonstrated the ability to lead large scale change.
  2. Seeks opportunities to learn: Has demonstrated a pattern of learning over time. Seeks out experiences that may change perspective or provide an opportunity to learn new things. Values diverse perspectives; has developed new skills over time.
  3. Acts with Integrity: Tells the truth and is described by Others as honest. Is not self promoting and consistently takes responsibility for his/her actions.
  4. Adapts to Cultural differences: Enjoys the challenge of working in, and experiencing cultures different from his/her own. Is sensitive to Cultural differences and changes behavior in response to them.
  5. Has a Winning attitude: Demonstrates a strong commitment to the success of the Organization. Displays a “can do” attitude approach to issues. Is innovative, persistent and resilient in the face of setbacks.
  6. Seeks broad business knowledge: Has an understanding of the business that goes beyond his/her own limited area. Seeks to understand both the products and financial aspects of the business. Seeks to understand how various parts of the business work together.
  7. Insightful: See things from new angles, People admire the person’s intelligence, particularly his/her ability to ask insightful questions, identify the most important part of a problem or issue, and see things from a different perspective.
  8. Has the courage to take risks: Will take a stand when others disagree, go against the status quo, persevere in the face of the opposition. Has the courage to act when others hesitate and will take both personal and business risks.
  9. Seeks & uses feedback: Pursue, respond to, and uses feedback. Actively asks for information on his/her impact, listens and has changed as result of the feedback provided to him/her.

    If you think you have the winning attitude with most of the above characteristics and willing to be a part of Centum’s growth strategy, mail your resume to