PLM Training

The PLM training will be given on the following tools:

  • Teamcenter
  • Agile PLM

Teamcenter Training

The training will be customized depending on the Participant’s experience in PLM domain and training requirements in Configuration, Development, System administration, Module specific training and End User training. The PLM training is provided in Teamcenter. A typical Teamcenter training schedule is given below:

Agile PLM Training

Agile PLM Training will be provided to Companies or Individuals on the latest versions. The training can be customized based on Customer’s specific needs.

  • Product Collaboration (PC)
  • Engineering Collaboration (EC)
  • Product Governance and Compliance (PG&C)
  • Product Portfolio Management (PPM)
  • Product Cost Management (PCM)
  • Product Quality Management (PQM)